The 24Pet® ShelterWatch Report: COVID-19 Impact

As the world navigates through a new reality, our pet population remains vulnerable and in-need. 24PetWatch, a North American pet insurance and pet protection company, that also provides software and microchips to over 1500 US shelters and rescues, is shedding light on the reality of our at risk pet population through the 24Pet ShelterWatch Report: Covid-19 Impact.

The report is a weekly gauge of U.S. homeless pet populations in the care of 1191 animal welfare organizations which represents approximately 35 percent of our nation’s shelter animal population. Our aim is to provide an accurate assessment of changes in animals entering and leaving shelters and the potential impact those changes will have in the future.

This initiative reflects 24PetWatch’s commitment to sharing data-driven insights and highlighting the importance of adopting from shelters and rescues.

Interested in adopting a pet? Visit pet adoption websites like, or We also encourage Americans to either contact or go to their local shelter’s website to submit an adoption application.