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Flexible policy and coverage options can help give your pup the best care possible.

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For over 20 years, we’ve been helping dog owners provide their pets with the best care possible. With flexible insurance options to choose from and next-day Accident Coverage, it’s no wonder that 120,000 pets are insured through our programs.

Choose a level of care and coverage that’s right for your dog.

$5,000 in annual coverage

PetCare Level 2

Help look after your dog’s health with up to $5,000 in coverage per term.

$10,000 in annual coverage

PetCare Level 3

Get up to $10,000 in coverage per term and get a little more peace of mind.

Unlimited annual coverage

PetCare Level 4

Give your pet the maximum amount of coverage available with unlimited coverage per term.

All plans are available for 8-week-old – 10-year-old dogs.

Get reimbursed for your dog's unexpected medical costs.

Veterinary fees coverage:

Deductible Applied Once Per Policy Term
What's a Deductible and Co-Insurance?

The deductible is applied annually (Once Per Policy Term) to eligible claims.

Co-insurance is applied on each eligible claim for Coverage under the Veterinary Fees Benefit. Your share of each eligible claim will be stated on your Document of Insurance.

  • Exam & Diagnostic Fees
  • Hospitalization & Surgeries
  • Physical & Rehabilitative Therapies
  • Hereditary & Congenital Conditions
  • Lab Tests, X-rays, Ultrasounds
  • Medications & Therapeutic Diet
  • Alternative Treatments

Coverage also includes:

(No Deductible or Co-Insurance)

Boarding Kennel Fees

$500 per incident

Trip Cancellation

$500 per incident

Additional Living Expenses

$500 per incident

Lost Pet Recovery Costs

$500 per incident

*Additional benefits are in addition to the Veterinary Fees Coverage, and are not subject to a co-insurance or a deductible. Additional restrictions apply.

Consider Wellness Coverage, too.

For just a little more per month, you can add wellness coverage and get reimbursed up to the scheduled amount for routine and preventative care. Help protect your pet from getting sick and get coverage for annual wellness exams, vaccines, dental care and more.

Reimbursement is up to a set amount for each listed treatment. Benefits are not subject to a deductible or co-insurance.
Complete Coverage

Annual Wellness Coverage

Include and cover up to (annually):



Dental Cleaning



Fecal Screen



Heartworm/Flea Prevention



Heartworm Test or FELV Screen



Microchip and/or Urinalysis



Spay or Neuter and/or Wellness Blood Test/Pre-Anesthetic Blood Test



Wellness Exam




Canine Bordetella Vaccine/Titer or Feline FELV Vaccine/Titer



Canine DHLPP Vaccine/Titer or Feline FVRCP Vaccine/Titer



Rabies Vaccine/Titer and/or Canine Lyme Disease Vaccine/Titer or Feline FIP Vaccine/Titer



Total Annual Benefit Per Cat or Dog

Optional coverage may be added to Level 2, Level 3 & Level 4 policies.



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Here’s how insurance has helped pet owners just like you.

Real success stories

“Our terrier Cocoa had an unexpected accident, when she was just a puppy and needed surgery for a metatarsal fracture (the bones that help her balance). 24PetWatch Pet Insurance helped to cover expenses, making things easier for our family. I was surprised by how much of a difference it made and was so thankful we had it. I would certainly recommend it to the people in my life. You never know what can happen.”

-Jim, Illinois

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