Pet Protection & 
Lost Pet Services

We help families keep their pets happy, healthy and home


North America’s largest lost pet database & microchip registry
28,000,000 pets registered!

We are experts in reuniting families with their pets

Over 625,000 lost pets reunited with their grateful families, thanks to our lost pet database, microchip registry and DirectConnect services

We collaborate with over 5,000 shelters, rescues, clinics and partners to help care for and reunite pets if they go missing

Register your pet’s microchip

Register with 24Petwatch. There’s no cost, but so many benefits!

When you create an account, you’re connecting your contact information to your pet’s microchip. So, if your pet ever goes missing and is found, we’ll be able to contact you.

Pet Protection benefits for you and your pet

You automatically receive standard benefits to help you protect and care for your pet, plus our help to find them in the event they go missing. You can also choose one of our enhanced care plans to get even more support for your pet’s wellbeing and protection.

Real life reunion stories

Check out our blog

Visit our blog for helpful tips, stories, training videos and more! We’re here to help support you on your journey as a pet parent.

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