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So, you've got a cat

Cherish that love-at-first-sight moment and find out more about what we have to offer.

We have options that cover the unexpected

Your cat might seem cautious at first, but it won’t be long before curiosity gets the best of your trouble-seeking kitty. There will always be something new to explore—and sometimes sitting on the windowsill watching the world pass by isn’t enough. That’s why it’s your job to take care of your feline friend when the unexpected happens. We understand that no two cats are exactly the same, so we provide Pet Insurance policies and Pet Protection Services to help cover a range of possibilities.

Registering your microchip
Getting your cat a microchip is a great first step, but there’s one more thing you should do to get the full benefits of the chip. Take advantage of our Pet Protection Services Memberships and register your pet’s microchip number. You’ll be free to change your contact info any time so you’ll have the added assurance that your wandering kitty will have all the help he or she needs to make it back home safely, no matter where home happens to be.

Cat Insurance

Make sure you and your mischievous kitty are prepared in case of an illness or accident with our range of Insurance options.

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Cat Recovery

We make locating your missing cat as low-stress as possible with our microchips and 24/7 Pet Protection Services.

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