Read about these common hazards to keep your pet safe and healthy this Easter.

After the cold winter months, the promise of Spring has us ready to celebrate when Easter comes around. But human food, egg hunts and bouquets of spring flowers can all pose risks to our beloved furry family members. To ensure your family is hopping around the chocolate egg hunt, rather than to the vet’s office this Easter, here are some pet hazards to watch out for.


Whether it’s the chocolate eggs hidden around the house, or the chocolate bunnies decorating table tops, chocolate contains theobromine, which is poisonous to pets. While dark chocolate is the most toxic, even a small amount of milk chocolate can be toxic to smaller breeds.

Floral bouquets

Spring flowers make a perfect centerpiece, but popular Easter flowers such as daffodils and lilies can be extremely toxic to our furry friends. Daffodils contain lycorine, which can cause stomach upset in your pets. Lilies, while less concerning for dogs, can cause severe kidney damage for cats.

Easter decorations

Multi-colored plastic grass, plastic eggs, and small toys may not be toxic to your pets, but all can cause obstructions and digestive issues if ingested.

Snacks and feasts

It can be tempting to share some of the Easter feast with our furry friends. But try to resist those imploring eyes! Onion, garlic, poultry bones, grapes and macadamia nuts all pose serious threats. Xylitol, a common sweetener used in Easter sweets and desserts can cause seizures.

Be sure to keep these items out of reach and licking distance; and keep a close eye on your pets during the festivities. Especially inquisitive pups, for whom the smells can be especially alluring! Also, keep your guests and children informed about what can and cannot be shared with your furry friends this Easter.