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Pet Protection Services

It could be the difference between lost and found.

Pet Recovery Tips

The key to being a good pet owner is making sure you’re always prepared. 24PetWatch®’s number-one priority is the well-being of your furry companion—and that includes organizing a quick reunion with your pet if he or she ever happens to go missing.

Here’s how you can help make our job easier—and be reunited with your four-legged friend sooner:

  • Keep your personal and contact information up to date with 24PetWatch® at mypethealth.com.
  • Always keep a collar on your pet and be sure your 24PetWatch® collar identification tag is securely attached.
  • If your pet is lost, report it immediately—either online or with one of our live agents available via telephone for those with our
    enhanced membership services—so we can enter the report into our database and get the recovery process started.

Suggestions to assist in getting your pet home safely:

  • Call your local shelters and rescues (Humane Society, SPCAs etc.) to see if your pet is there.
  • Put out a bed, litter box, blanket or toys with a familiar scent that the pet might be attracted to and find their way home.
  • Do not put food out as it could attract other animals which may prevent your lost pet from returning home.
  • Let your closest neighbors know that your pet is missing so they can keep an eye out for him/her and let you know if they see him/her.