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24Petwatch transfer of microchip registration

Is a pet joining your family, or moving to a new one? Update their registered microchip information to help keep them safe.  

If your pet recently moved to (or from) a new home, transfer their registered microchip information right away.

The registered information on a dog or cat’s microchip includes important details like the registrant’s name, address, and phone number. This is connected to your pet’s microchip number and stored in our Lost Pet Recovery Database. So, if your pet goes missing and is then found, when their microchip is scanned, the right person will be notified, and they can be reunited. 

There are two ways to complete a registered microchip information transfer to a new registrant:



Use this option ONLY if you can include all the required documents in your email, AND if you are listed as the pet parent on the documents. 

To submit by email:

  1. Download and complete the Transfer of Registration Form 
  2. Attach any ONE of the documents listed on the form
  3. Email your completed documents to the address on the form

Email transfers normally take approximately 5-7 business days to complete. 



Use this option if you do NOT have the required documentation, are not listed as the pet parent on the documents, or if you require assistance. We’re here to help! 

For live support, call us at: 1-877-707-7297 

Our hours of operation are (EST): Monday to Thursday 8am-9pm, Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday closed.

Phone transfers are often completed immediately.

No fee guarantee: There is no fee to register a new microchip for your dog or cat, or to transfer a microchip registration to a new registrant.


You can download and complete the Transfer of Registration Form on our website and email it along with the approved proof of registration document to us. Or you can call, and we can assist you to complete the transfer over the phone.

Veterinary bills are not accepted. Please refer to the list of approved proof of registration documents on the Transfer of Registration Form.

Purchasing a membership or insurance for your pet does not update the microchip registration information. You must complete a Transfer of Registration Form or call us to complete this process.

There is no fee to register a new microchip for your dog or cat, or to transfer a microchip registration to a new registrant.

If you email your Transfer of Registration Form and supporting documentation, the transfer normally completes in 7 business days, and you will receive a confirmation email. If you call, the transfer is often completed immediately.

24Petwatch provides a microchip registration, and lost pet recovery service - we do not arbitrate ownership of the pet. 

Lifetime Protection Membership™

Once your pet’s microchip registration information is up to date, help keep them happy, healthy and home with the 24Petwatch Lifetime Protection Membership. You'll get 24/7 access to our Lost Pet Recovery Specialists and, should your dog or cat ever go missing, the ability to connect with your pet’s finder directly, among other benefits. 

Pet ID Tags

Give your pet a better chance of getting home safe. Our 24Petwatch Pet ID Tags are durable, high-quality and professionally engraved with their name, microchip number and our Lost Pet Recovery Service toll-free number.