Stomach Problems

Symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea can be signs of a severely upset stomach, one of the most common ailments pets can experience during the holidays. Sometimes this happens because a pet helps him/herself to holiday goodies, while other times it’s because a pet is given something that’s outside his or her normal diet. Ask visitors not to give food to your pets without permission, and block pets from helping themselves by keeping food out of reach or even crating pets until after the holiday meal. After all, imagine how much pain we’d be in after Christmas dinner if it wasn’t for a little Pepto Bismol?

Battle Scars

The saying ‘fighting like cats and dogs’ was created for a reason! Lacerations are another reason why pet owners pay the vet a visit during the holidays. Not all pets get along, and if you find yourself struggling to ask your guests to leave their furry companion at home, avoid territorial disputes by utilizing closed doors or cages, and even explore a pet introduction before the big day so they are familiarized with each other the moment they walk through the door.

Ingesting Non-Edible Items

Just like small children, pets are notorious for ingesting foreign objects that are sometimes just plain weird. Make sure that things like bows, wrapping paper and even underwear and socks are immediately picked up off the ground and placed into a secure, closed container.

Poison Control

It wouldn’t be the holidays without chocolate (and lots of it), and while almost all pet owners know not to feed it to their pets, small children may not be as mindful. Keep an eye on kids with candy bars (things like sour candies or gum included), as they may drop some of their goodies on the ground and not understand to pick them up. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that chocolate toxicity increases the darker the chocolate gets and the smaller the dog. In other words, a small dog who consumes a bag of dark chocolate really does need a trip to the emergency veterinarian, while a large dog who eats a couple of milk chocolate candies is probably going to be just fine.