10 Tips to help your pet beat the heat

Heatwaves, hot pavement, heatstroke… the sunny days of summer can have some unpleasant and potentially dangerous surprises in store for pet owners. Try these tips to help your pet beat the heat this summer.

  1. Never leave your pet alone in a hot vehicle, even if the window is open or you’ll only be gone a few minutes. Cars can quickly heat up to extreme temperatures.
  2. Give your pet access to lots of water—at home, in the yard, and on walks. If you’re going out, make sure their water container can’t be knocked over.
  3. Keep your pet indoors in the middle of the day, when it’s hottest.
  4. Offer an ice pack or wet towel for your pet to cool off.
  5. Remember that asphalt is hot under your pet’s paws. If you’re out for a walk, stick to grass or head out in the early morning or evening. You can also use paw wax or booties to keep their feet comfy.
  6. Ensure your pet always has a place to escape the heat, like a room that’s air-conditioned or has the blinds drawn and a steady breeze.
  7. Freeze water in a container and place in your pet’s water bowl for a chilly treat all day long. You can also make doggie ice cream, broth popsicles, or chilled cucumber to help your pet keep cool.
  8. Make sure your yard has shady spots for your pet to doze. Invest in a small kiddie pool for fun and cooling off.
  9. Keep your pet properly groomed to maintain air flow to their skin, which will help cool them down.
  10. Use pet-safe sunscreen, especially on animals with light-coloured skin and fur. Pick sunscreens that are SPF 15 or higher and contain ingredients that are non-toxic for your furry friend.
Watch for heatstroke - be alert for signs that your pet is overheating.