Are Essential Oils Safe for Dogs and Cats?

By Maranda Elswick, DVM

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Once limited to specialty shops and natural food stores, essential oils can be found just about everywhere these days. The popularity of these natural plant-derived oils has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks largely to their pleasing scents and the benefits attributed to them. Not only do essential oils make our homes smell delightful, proponents claim the soothing scents can potentially improve our health and help us feel more centered, too.

Pet Microchips 101

By Karen Vitale

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When it comes to ensuring the health, safety, and quick return of your beloved pet should they ever go missing, the experts agree: Microchips are a no-brainer.

Your COVID-19 Pet Preparedness Plan

Our pets are family and we want to keep them safe and healthy.

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If you think it is likely that you have been exposed to the coronavirus or if you are experiencing symptoms, you can take some simple but critical steps to ensure your pet’s health and safety. Most important, do not wait until you’re already sick to plan for your pet’s care.

Shelters, Rescues and Fosters Respond to COVID-19 Crisis

Written by Dr. Sperry, DVM, Veterinary Advisor, Pethealth Inc.

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While COVID-19 has shaped our lives, it’s also impacted the lives of animals in shelters and foster homes. Dr. Sperry identifies key ways the animal welfare industry has responded to challenges presented by COVID-19 to keep animals and their caregivers as safe as possible.

Navigating Telemedicine for Your Pet

Written by Dr. Sperry, DVM, Veterinary Advisor, Pethealth Inc.

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As technology filters through our daily lives, and more options for communication become available, telemedicine – remote consultation with health providers – is playing a larger role in both human and animal health care.  With isolation, quarantine and social distancing due to COVID-19 becoming the way of life for 2020, telemedicine is not only novel and convenient, it is vital.  Veterinarians can provide nutrition and lifestyle advice, behavior advice, medical advice, and in some cases, even referrals and prescription medication, all through telephone or video conferencing.