Whether you take them along or leave them at home, travelling with your pets can be a breeze.

Think only the humans in your family like a getaway from the everyday? Think again! If done right, travelling with your cat or dog can be a great experience for everyone—and make for some really fun memories. Leaving your pet at home? Scroll down for some quick tips on how to help your pet enjoy their staycation.


Travel tips:
  • Everybody buckle up! Pets should not be left to roam around the car, but instead be protected with a pet barrier, car seat, seat belt, or travel crate.
  • Try to avoid having your pet stick their head out the window, since this can cause ear damage or lead to lung infections.
  • Never leave a pet alone in a vehicle, no matter the weather.
  • Stop the car every few hours so your pet can stretch and go to the bathroom.
  • Flying? If you can, book a direct flight to your destination.
  • Pack your pet’s travel crate with food, plenty of water, their favourite toy, and comfy bedding.
  • Remember your pet papers and all pet ID, like a tag on their collar and an extra one on your keychain.
  • Research the nearest vet clinic to where you’ll be staying.
  • Give your pet plenty of exercise the day before travelling so they’ll be happy to rest while en route.
Boarding kennel tips:
  • Ask for kennel referrals from friends and family.
  • If you can, visit a few kennels to get a feel for what they’re like and where your pet will be happiest.
  • Book early! Just like hotels, boarding kennels fill up quickly during high season.
  • Make sure Fido and Fluffy are up to date on all their vaccinations.
  • Pack your pet’s favourite things: a blanket, toy, bed, and even one of your t-shirts.
  • Leave your contact info for where you can be reached while you’re away.
  • Don’t worry—have fun! A little change of scenery is not only good for you, but your pet, too.


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