Pet Protection Services

We’re proud to reunite over 3,000 lost pets with their owners every month.

At 24PetWatch, we offer a full suite of Pet Protection Services that provide pet owners with best-in-class tools for helping to care for their pets, and reuniting them if they go missing. With access to everything from 24/7 Lost Pet Recovery Specialists and a 24/7 Vet Helpline, to Microchip Registration and more, we've been in the business of keeping pets and their owners together since 2003.

Here's why so many pet parents rely on us:

24/7 Vet Helpline for 1 Year

Reach veterinary professionals anytime by phone, email or live chat. Provided by whiskerDocs and complimentary for 1 year with purchase of a Lifetime Protection Membership™️ ($129 value).

Lost Pet Recovery Specialists

Get 24/7 access to our specialists who can quickly launch the process of reuniting you with your pet when you purchase the Lifetime Protection Membership.

Lifetime Warranty ID Tag

Get an ID tag customized with your pet’s name and unique microchip number, making it easier for your pet's finder to contact us and report your pet as found. Included with your purchase of a Lifetime Protection Membership (up to $19.95 value).

Once you’ve registered your pet’s microchip, a membership can help protect them for life.

Lifetime Protection Membership

$74.95 (A one-time fee)

Get a Membership

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Quick reporting leads to quicker reunions.

Complimentary Lost Pet Recovery Service

Did you know that you can report a pet as lost or found and update your contact information online for free?

Simply register your microchip with 24PetWatch, visit our online portal and you're all set!

Register Your Microchip

Update Your Contact Info

Our membership works with your pet’s microchip.

This permanent pet identification gives you a better chance of recovering your lost pet.

Start by speaking to a vet about the procedure. Inserting a microchip under your pet’s skin is quick and painless.

Once you're done, register the microchip online or call us at 1-866-597-2424.

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Have a lost or found pet? Check out our helpful resources below.

Lost Pet Recovery Tips

Help bring your pet home as quickly as possible by planning ahead with these useful tips.

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Lost Pet Poster

Use our Lost Pet Poster Generator to create a PDF that you can print or share digitally.

Create a Poster
Report a Lost/ Found Pet

Report a lost or found pet quickly and easily. Submit a report online anytime, or call us at 1-866-375-7387.

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Real stories of happy reunions.

“Even though our dog Gary has a tag with my contact information, it was 24PetWatch that reunited us when he went missing. We live in an unfenced area and he had found himself about half a mile away at a neighbor’s. When the neighbors found him, they got in touch with 24PetWatch who called us and we were able to bring Gary home, safe and sound.”

— Jesse, Colorado

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