Your pet's entire medical history in one place.

When a lost pet is found, 24PetMedAlert relays their critical medical information to the right people – which means they’ll get the exact care and treatment they need.

Here's how it works:

24PetMedAlert lets you store your pet's critical behavioral and medical information, including diagnosed conditions, allergies and prescribed medications.

24PetMedAlert will be added to your microchip account so that if your pet ever goes missing and is found, their critical medical and behavioral information can be conveyed to a finder or facility.

If we're unable to get in contact with you, we'll relay your pet's vital information to vets, animal shelters, rescues, and / or advise your pet's finder to take them to a veterinarian.

Signing up is this easy.

Step 1

Microchip your pet

24PetMedAlert is only available to microchipped pets that are registered with us. Visit a vet, shelter, or Petco to have your pet microchipped.

Step 2

Purchase a Lifetime Protection Membership™

24PetMedAlert is complimentary for 1 year when you buy a Lifetime Protection Membership. To keep your access active after your free year expires, call 1-866-375-7387 to auto-renew annually, with Vet Helpline (whiskerDocs®), for just $19.95.

Step 3

Complete or update your pet’s medical history

If you purchase your membership by phone, we'll email you a form (or you can download it here). Once you provide your pet's medical information, we'll add it to your microchip account. To update their info, please email us with an updated form or to request a new form. Please allow 5 business days for your account to be updated.

Lifetime Protection Membership™

In addition to getting 1 year of complimentary access to 24PetMedAlert and a Vet Helpline, you'll also have 24/7 access to our Lost Pet Recovery Specialists.

Have questions? Find the answers on our FAQ page.

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