Top tips for taking your dog to work

Taking your dog to work can be fun for both you and your pup. Learn how to prepare your workplace, your pup, and yourself for the big day!

Ready to test your pooch’s ability to sit through meetings and conference calls? Bringing your dog to work with you can add some needed fun, bonding, and destressing to a typical day at the office. And, in most cases, your co-workers will get to reap the benefits of having a friendly pet around, too. If your workplace is open to the idea, then here are some tips to ensure the experience is a smooth and safe one for all involved.


Call a team meeting to discuss the ground rules and guidelines for the first day and allow everyone to share their expectations and concerns. This will help to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

It is also important to plan ahead by scanning your work area for possible hazards, so that you can prevent accidents before they happen. Remove potential dog hazards – such as that chocolate stash that is easily accessible -and keep dangerous items out of paw’s reach.

Planning your schedule is another important step. Your work and dog schedules will now collide. Make sure that you plan for your dog’s needs while you’re both at the office. Manage your appointments for the day to build in bathroom breaks, walks, and meals.

Preparing your pup

If your dog is social with other dogs and new people, then you likely won’t have any issue taking them into the office. However, if they’ve been known to be aggressive or uneasy around strangers, it will be better for everyone if they stay at home. Perhaps with some training and practice, they’ll be ready to join the fun next year!

On the day of

Be sure to bring essential supplies with you: food and water bowls, treats, a leash, blanket, and doggie bags. You can also bring a favorite toy to keep them entertained while you power through your workday.

When you arrive at work, keep your dog on a leash so they become familiar with the environment. It also gives your co-workers and other dogs a chance to get acquainted while comfortably restrained.

Some of your co-workers may feel uncomfortable having dogs in the workspace and it’s important to respect this. Never force an interaction between your co-workers and your pet – let your co-workers come to you and your pet.

Bringing your dog to work can definitely be a fun occasion for both you and your pup. By planning ahead and being respectful to your co-workers’ needs and preferences, it can be a smooth and informative experience for everyone.

If you have questions or concerns about training or bringing your dog into the office and meeting new people, when you purchase our Lifetime protection membership you get 24/7 access to a Vet Helpline. They are there to talk to you about any questions you may have about your dog.