Supporting Shelters During COVID-19

5 Things You Can Do


Amid the calls for shutdowns and social distancing, your local animal shelter or rescue is likely feeling the effects. Shelters across the country have had to cancel events, close their doors to the public and may even be reaching critical levels of capacity. If you’re in the position to help, here are 5 things you can do to support the rescue community:

  1. Foster a pet – if you have the time and space, consider opening your home up to a pet in need. Facing potential staff and volunteer shortages, getting foster pets out of the shelter can help free up resources and provide them with valuable socialization time.
  2. Donate – with events and public gatherings being forced to postpone or cancel, fundraising efforts will likely take a hit. If you are financially able, consider making a gift to help pets in need through this hard time.
  3. Order wish list items – with panic buying dominating the news, shelters may be running low on items like litter, treats, food, toys or bedding. Many shelters keep an up-to-date wish list of needed items on their website. You can even order online from the comfort of your home with retailers like Amazon shipping directly to the shelter.
  4. Spread the word – connect with your local shelter online, whether it’s following them on social media, leaving a positive Google review or sharing their posts. You can help get the word out about the critical life saving work that they do. Take a moment to drop them a “like” to let them know you're in their corner.
  5. Support pets in your neighborhood – some folks in your neighborhood, particularly those who are older or vulnerable may need help walking their dog or getting supplies. If you are healthy and able, consider lending a hand to help keep pets with their people and out of the shelters.
Supporting Shelters During COVID-19

Check your local shelter’s website to learn more about how you can best support them during this time. Every action, big or small, can make a world of difference to a pet in need.

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