Strange Pet Laws From Around The World

Whether you’re moving or traveling with your pet, here are some of the strangest pet laws from around the world.


There are certain laws that are designed to protect our pets and the public from dangerous dog behaviour. Ontario’s Dog Owner’s Liability Act is an example. However, there are some interesting and questionable laws around the world that are in place to keep pets in line. Here, we’ll share some of the most unusual pet laws from around the globe – from laws that prevent you from naming any animal you don’t intend to keep as a pet, to illegal barking after 6pm.

Across the USA, you’ll discover varying state laws that are specific to pets. In Little Rock, Arkansas, dogs are banned from barking after 6pm. In California, if your pet bird goes missing in the wee hours of the morning, you must wait until after 7am to whistle to attract them back. In Wyoming, you are prevented from taking pictures of rabbits between January and May. In Oklahoma, three or more dogs are not allowed to congregate on private property without a signed permit from the mayor and – also in Oklahoma - you can land yourself in jail for making a face at a dog! Meanwhile, in Florida, it is illegal to imitate animals. And if you’ve been tempted to spend the night in a dog kennel, you can rule out Idaho, where it is illegal to do.

In Australia, once you give an animal a name, you are required to keep it. The law dictates that you are only allowed to name an animal if you intend to keep it as a pet; you cannot name an animal you intend to eat. In the New Zealand settlement of Longburn, roaming cats are required by law to wear three bells around their neck.

Over in Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for men to walk dogs. In Norway, only male cats and dogs can be neutered, as it is illegal to spay females. Switzerland made it illegal to own just one guinea pig, because of the animal’s need for social interaction. In Italy, dog owners are required to walk their dog at least three times a day, or face a fine of as much as 500 euros.

These are just some of the most unusual pet laws from around the world. If you are moving or traveling with your pet, be sure to read up on the pet-related laws for that country or state. Or, you can use these fun facts to stump your fellow pet-loving friends in a trivia night!

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