New Pet Checklist: supplies for pet parents

Tonya Wilhelm

Welcoming a new dog or cat to your home can be one of the most exciting times of your life. It can also be a whirlwind of preparation, learning, and adjustment for everyone in your household, including your furry new family member.

To ease transition, we created a comprehensive checklist to help you make the crucial initial stages with your new pet a success. Use it to eliminate the questions and guesswork.

New pet supplies: What to buy

According to the APPA’s 2021 statistics, American pet owners spent $103 billion on their pets in 2020, with an estimated $109 billion projected for 2021. That’s a lot of kibble, crates, and cat trees! So to keep your shopping spree manageable, we divided the checklist into sections.

New pet essentials checklist

Here are the most critical items every pet parent will need for a triumphant homecoming:

New dog or puppy checklist

New cat or kitten checklist

New pet extras checklist

The first few weeks with a new pet are about survival and adjustment. After everyone settles into a comfortable routine, focus on the additional items you’ll need to help your new pet thrive.

New pet parent tips for success

Preparing for a new pet is one part of setting the stage for success. The other essential ingredients are time and patience — with yourself and your new dog or cat. Some experts use the “rule of threes” when welcoming a pet into their home.

According to this rule, in the first three days, your pet may be a bit quiet and reserved as they try to adapt to a brand new environment. However, within three weeks, you can usually expect your pet to start feeling more comfortable. You may even begin to see more of their personality emerge, or they may start to act silly and engaging. Within three months, your new pet will likely feel secure and consider your home their home.

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