Gifts For The Pet Lover In Your Life - Top 10 Gifts For Pets And Their Parents

With the holidays right around the corner, gift giving is top-of-mind for many of us. For the pet lovers on your list, we have some great gift ideas for pets and the humans that love them.


POD Tracker GPS for pets – for the helicopter pet parent

Lightweight and water proof, this GPS tracker easily fastens to your pet’s collar, allowing
you to see their whereabouts in real-time. It also alerts you if they have left a designated
“safe zone”, monitors their activity and movements, and can even record their adventures.

It syncs with your phone through the POD Tracker app and combines GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
and cellular technologies for maximum reliability and accuracy. To learn more you can visit
their website, here.

Paw print ornament – a keepsake kit for dog and cat parents alike

There are many kits that provide you with everything you need to create a holiday
ornament based on a paw print. Look for kits with non-toxic clay and get your pet’s paw
ready to create a treasured keepsake. It’s great for cat or dog paws and requires no mixing
or baking.

Custom paw print ring – for the pet parent that loves jewelry

What better way to show of the love you have for your pet than a custom piece of jewelry,
showcasing your pet’s paw? A number of artists can create rings, necklaces, and bracelets
based on the imprint of your pet’s paw.

Deodorizing pet candles – for the home décor enthusiast

Choose from a variety of soothing, vet approved, soy candles that help to eliminate pet
odors in the home. Look for those that are pet-friendly and contain non-toxic ingredients.
With a variety of scents to choose from, this could be the perfect gift for pet and pet
parent alike!

Weighted dog blanket – for the pup with anxiety

These pet blankets provide light pressure to your pup to help soothe their nerves and
promote relaxation. They come is small and large sizes to accommodate for the size of pet
and have a removable, washable cover.

Heated pet bed – for the chilly dog or cat

A heated pet bed may be just the gift for a pet in a colder winter climate. They come in a
variety of sizes, shapes, and patterns – so you’re bound to nd just the right one for any
pet and décor!

Dog DNA kit – for the pet parent with a rescue pup

Know someone who is curious about the genetic background of their pup? A dog DNA kit can help them get answers! The sampling process is straight-forward and designed to be as easy as possible for both pet and pet

Pet Spa Day gift – for the pet that has everything

Do some research on the best pet spas in your town and consider a gift certificate for some special services. You can also get creative and create a spa-themed gift basket – complete with pet massager, bath salts, and drying towel.

Pet selfie sticks – for the pet that can be camera shy

Know someone who’s struggling to get that perfect selfie with their pup? There are a number of selfie sticks designed to grabs a dog’s attention so they can focus at just the right camera angle. Everybody say “cheese”, er, “fetch”?

Organic Catnip - for the health-conscious feline

Catnip is beloved by many felines and can make a great gift. There are many varieties to choose from. Consider organic or locally grown options for a health-conscious gift for the cat who deserves a treat.


What’s the best gift you and your pet have received?
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