The best pet lovers gift ideas

By Kristia Goodnight

The holiday season is nearly here, meaning now is the time to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, including the pet lovers in your life. You might be wondering, what gift should I get my friend or family member who’s a pet lover?

What to get someone for Christmas who loves animals

The unconditional love between pet parents and their pets is a huge part of many pet lovers' lives. Holiday presents for pet owners are a way to celebrate that special bond.

Here are some ideas for the best gifts for pet owners and their best pets for this Holiday season.

Personalized pet owner gifts

Personalized pet gifts are thoughtful gifts for the pet owner on your Christmas list. Personalized pet gifts come in many options.

Opt for seasonal options like personalized pet ornaments or personalized pet stockings. Home decor pet gifts like custom framed pet portraits and custom pet portrait pillows are always delightful options.

Choose a personalized pet jewelry gift for the cat or dog lover in your life with nearly endless options. Personalized pet jewelry customizations can include a custom pet silhouette, pet nose print, the pet's name, or even pet parent BFF style necklace and collar tag combos.

If matching gifts for the pet lover in your life sounds like a perfect present idea, you can go all out and get matching pet and human ugly Christmas sweaters! What pet lover doesn't want to match their pet on Christmas morning?

If your pet lover friend is a bit more subtle, choose more modest personalized pet gifts with custom pet socks.

Custom pet tags are a personal and useful present that will be cherished by both dog owners and cat owners alike.

If you want to go the extra step, set up your pet parent with a Lifetime Warranty ID tag. Each one is personalized with the pet’s name and microchip number, as well as the 24Petwatch Lost Pet Recovery Service toll-free number.

Top pet parent gifts: tech pet gifts

Top pet lover gifts are tech-savvy and forward-thinking.

Help your pet lover teach their pet to talk. How Stella Learned To Talk author and speech therapist Christina Hunger taught her dog, Stella, how to talk using this set of buttons associated with different words.

The Furbo 360° Dog Camera allows tech-savvy pet parents to see, talk, and even toss treats to their pets at home. Two-way audio and bark alerts allow dog lovers and cat owners to check in on their trusted companions.

GPS pet collars like SportDog offer real-time GPS tracking and activity monitoring for cats and dogs so you can see when your pet is on the move and what they have been up to.

What to get a friend with a dog - top gifts for dog lovers

Dog lover gifts can include fun gifts “from the dog” like a new pair of sandals that are always somehow chewed to bits. Or even opting for presents for the dog themself, like interactive enrichment toys or stylish accessories is a fun option.

If you’re looking for dog gifts for owners, Dog DNA Tests make interesting and interactive gifts for pet parents. A simple swab is all you need to uncover your dog’s breed mix down to 1%, unique traits, and key health insights.

What do you buy a puppy owner?

New pet parents to puppies will be happy to receive the gifts for dog lovers that we’ve already covered. You can also set them up for success with a 24PetWatch Lifetime Protection Membership.

What to get a friend with a cat - top pet gift ideas for cat owners

Gifts for cat owners can be fun and funky, like a novelty-shaped pet bed or scratcher tree. Or more useful. A cat carrier backpack is a practical gift for cat owners, allowing them to safely take their best buddy out into the world. Or a combination of fun and functional like this Macrame cat bed.

So, what do you give a pet lover?

Finding unique gifts for pet lovers celebrates the bond and love of our trusted companions in a thoughtful way. Popular pet parent gifts include personalized pet gifts and high-tech pet gifts.

The best gifts for pet owners are often gifts for pets! Your pet-loving friend is obsessed with their pet and will love any pet-themed gift idea you choose.

Give the gift of peace of mind with the 24PetWatch Lifetime Protection Membership Plus. It includes so many great features including: