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DIY T-Shirt Hideaway Tent for Your Cat

Using common household items, follow these simple step-by-step instructions to build a tent for your cat.


You don’t need to go to the pet supply store to get your cat a special hide-away spot. Just gather together some cardboard, a T-shirt, and some wire hangers to create this cat tent yourself. It’s a purr-fect choice for cats that enjoy a quiet little place of their own.

What you’ll need:

  • Two pieces of cardboard (cut into 15-inch x 15-inch squares)
  • One T-shirt, size medium or large
  • Two wire hangers
  • Masking tape, scissors and wire cutters
  • Safety Pins


  1. Start by cutting off the twisted ends of your hangers.
  2. Next, form your hangers into large ‘U’ shapes. Be sure to smooth out any bends or edges. Each ‘U’ shape will run diagonally from one corner of your cardboard piece to the opposite diagonal corner.
  3. Reinforce and stabilize your cardboard. We taped two pieces of cardboard together to create a stronger bottom. This will also help to minimize bending.
  4. Poke a hole about ½-1 inch in from each corner of your cardboard piece. You can use the end of a hanger to do this. Once you’ve poked the holes, take your two hangers and cross them in the middle (as shown in the picture above). Before taping them together, test to make sure each end of the hanger touches the cardboard surface. Then, tape the hangers together to prevent them from shifting.
  1. Next, place one-inch of each hanger end through a cardboard hole. Once the hanger end is through the hole, fold the hanger end and tape it down to secure it.
  2. Once you have the hanger ends taped down, place your tent frame on a flat surface. Play around with the wire, flattening and straightening it as needed, and ensure the tape is nice and smooth.
  3. It’s now time to add the T-shirt! Start by pulling the shirt over the tent frame. Position it so the neck hole is in the middle, at the front of your tent. The rest of the shirt can fall behind. Fold and tighten the excess shirt underneath the tent, including the sleeves, and safety pin everything in place.
    Tip: Using safety pins allows you to switch out t-shirts and give them a wash!
  4. You can now let your cat explore their new space! Place a blanket, catnip or favorite toy inside to make it extra special.
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