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Best Friends Together Again: Reunion Story

Found across the country, Bear's 24PetWatch® microchip helped bring him back to Brittanie.


Even an entire continent cannot keep a pet and owner apart when they get the right help.

Brittanie and Bear were best friends when she adopted him as a three-month-old pup in 2013. But in November, 2016, Brittanie left Bear in what she thought would be a good home and departed Florida’s Atlantic coast for Washington state. Fast forward to the early summer of 2017. Bear was found as a stray in Titusville, Fla. Fortunately, the pup had a 24PetWatch® microchip and, while its contact information was not up to date, folks from Freedom Tails Rescue and the Brevard Lost Pets tracked down Brittanie across the country. Thanks to Bear's 24PetWatch® microchip, numerous volunteers and generous donations that covered everything from dog toys to Brittanie's flight to Florida, Bear went from possibly being put down to a tearful reunion with his owner and the promise of a Pacific Ocean adventure.

Our ability to reunite you with your pet is only as good as the accuracy of your information in our database.

It's an incredible lost pet recover story like this that reminds us all to protect our pets by keeping your contact information accurate and current.

Keep us up to date and keep your pet safe.

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