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Dog in pet friendly restaurant

Best dog-friendly friendly restaurants in Canada


It is always a fun adventure bringing your furry companions along to dine out in a pet-friendly restaurant. And luckily for you, Canadian restaurants have evolved greatly to meet the needs of pet owners looking to enjoy a meal alongside their pets.

These restaurants offer a welcoming and unique experience for both you and your pets and are quickly becoming very popular. In this article, we will explore the top pet friendly restaurants, dog bars and dog-friendly pubs across Canada. So, whether you are looking for something local in your province or wanting to take a road trip with your dog, read on.

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Top pet friendly restaurants in Canada

Below are some amazing dining places to enjoy a good meal with your pet, have fun and spend quality time bonding. So, top pet friendly restaurants in Canada.

Lido Waterfront Bar & Bistro, Victoria, British Columbia

Lido Waterfront Bar & Bistro is a haven for pet owners in Canada looking to have a fantastic dining experience. The restaurant is warm and welcoming and boasts a unique pet-friendly atmosphere. They have an extensive pet menu that features exquisite treats and dishes.

Lido Waterfront Bar & Bistro is in a picturesque location right on the waterfront in Victoria. Dogs are welcome on the patio, with tables and benches for dog owners to dine with their dogs. Their menu includes dog-friendly ice cream for dogs to indulge in and have the same experience as their owners. Lido Waterfront Bar & Bistro is charming and unique, creating lovely memories for dogs and their owners.

Dockside Restaurant & Bar, Digby, Nova Scotia

Dockside Restaurant & Bar is a pet-friendly restaurant in Canada, nestled on the waterfront with a beautiful view of fishing boats, with an outdoor patio specially designed primarily to accommodate pets, with water bowls and a special dog menu. While enjoying your meal, having a physical pet tag with your pet’s unique microchip # and contact details, such as our Lifetime Warranty ID tag, will come in handy as it gives you peace of mind.

However, the restaurant has diligent and attentive staff that care for your dogs and ensure they have the best time. With top-notch customer service, they have been rated four out of five by 148 guests on TripAdvisor. Dockside is committed to providing a fantastic dining experience with its scenic view and exceptional customer service.

Graze Food & Drink, Canmore, Alberta

Nestled in the heart of Canada, Graze Food & Drink is a casual bar that exemplifies remarkable pet-friendliness. They have a sprawling outdoor space designed with water bowls and pet-friendly treats. It has a warm and delightful dog-friendly atmosphere and welcomes your canine friends with open arms. Their staff are attentive and care for your four-legged friends, giving them a warm and cheerful experience.

Their special pet-friendly menu includes various dishes that meet various dietary requirements. They also offer crafted cocktails and mouth-watering dishes for human patrons to relish an incredible dining experience with their dogs. Graze Food & Drink is the place to be for dog owners seeking to have a great dining experience with their furry companions.

The Secret Garden Restaurant, Niagara Falls, Ontario

The Secret Garden Restaurant is a dog-friendly restaurant in Niagara Falls, Canada. They offer a fantastic pet-friendly dining experience. Their staff are attentive and helpful with pets to ensure they are comfortable and well-pampered. The restaurant has a charming and cheerful ambiance that puts pets at ease. They also offer a doggie menu that features a variety of delectable treats.

And for the human menu, they offer soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, steaks, seafood and other delicious features. The pet-friendly restaurant comes with an outdoor patio, complete with water bowls and a lot of space for dogs to socialize and play. The Secret Garden Restaurant is a delightful selection for a fantastic dining experience with your furry companions.

Ruby Café Mt, Rue Saint-Patrick, Montréal

Located at 3824 Rue Saint-Patrick, Montreal, Canada, Ruby Café Mtl is the perfect location to unwind and relax while your pups strut around the café socializing and playing. The Café is a shining example of pet-friendly dining in Montreal, Canada.

Your pets are pampered and showered with a lot of affection by the café staff. They ensure that your canine friends are well cared for and have the best dining experience. Speaking of dining, the café has a pet-dedicated menu that features pet-friendly treats and meals. They practice good hygiene and healthy practices to create a safe and healthy dining environment and experience for everyone.

Treadwell Cuisine, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

The dining scene in Canada hosts an incredible dog-friendly restaurant in Ontario. Treadwell Cuisine offers an exquisite and memorable dining experience for everyone, with its outdoor patio specially designed with water bowls and dog-friendly treats.

Treadwell Cuisine stands out for its exceptional service and menu that never disappoints, ranging from locally crafted dishes to exquisite cuisines. With this, Treadwell Cuisine sets a very high standard for pet-friendliness, making it a top visit for all pet-loving foodies looking for a chic experience with their furry friends.

Penny's Palapa Restaurant, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Penny's Palapa Restaurant is located in Nanaimo, Canada, and boasts a pet-friendly environment for pet-loving food enthusiasts. The eatery has a warm, welcoming ambience with open-air seating. This provides human patrons with the opportunity to have a great meal in the company of their dogs.

They offer water bowls, dog-friendly treats, and even a dedicated play area for pets to socialize and frolic. So, it's no surprise that they have accommodating staff that ensures that your furry companions are well cared for and their owners as well. Their pet-friendly and accommodating space provides a memorable bond and experience between dogs and their owners.

Munchies Coffee House & BARKery, Hamilton, Ontario

Munchies Coffee House & BARKery is located in Hamilton, Canada. It is the perfect place to bring your furry companions along while you enjoy an excellent mean cup of coffee or tea. No wonder it's a prime example of a pet-friendly restaurant in Canada.

Located in a quiet corner, the restaurant goes high and beyond to offer a tailored experience. Their pet menu includes dog-friendly canine dishes. They also have water stations and cozy corners. The design and area are pet-themed and have a warm, relaxing, and cheerful feel. If you think Canadians are very nice people, then Munchies Coffee House & BARKery may overwhelm you with kindness.

Vin Room Mission, Calgary, Alberta

Vin Room Mission is a location for pet-loving, wine-tasting foodies. This pet-friendly restaurant is committed to creating an accommodating and inclusive dining experience for everyone. They have a dedicated outdoor patio specially designed for your furry companions. Additionally, human customers can sample over 100 wines in bottles or glasses.

Their pet-friendly menu ensures that your canine friends are satisfied and nourished. Moreover, they allow dogs outside with their owners, creating an amazing bonding experience. Vin Room Mission is the perfect place to visit for wine-loving pet owners looking to have a great time and also have a great meal. Any time you are travelling or bringing your pet along for the ride, it's an excellent idea to have a physical pet tag with your pet’s unique microchip # and your contact details, such as our Lifetime Warranty ID tags.

Cantina del Centro - Kelowna, British Columbia

Nestled in the heart of Canada is Cantina del Centro, a great example of a candid pet-friendly restaurant. The atmosphere in Cantina del Centro is warm and inviting, with a very spacious outdoor patio complete with water bowls.

The staff are attentive and care for you and your furry friends, ensuring everyone is satisfied.


The culture of inclusion is very visible in Canada's pet-friendly restaurants, celebrating the bonds of pets and their owners. The restaurants have come a long way with many innovations for inclusivity, providing dedicated dog menus and special play areas. These efforts make it possible for dogs and their owners to bond and have a great mealtime time, enjoying great views like the Dockside Restaurant & Bar.

When visiting any pet friendly restaurants, do not forget to ensure that your dog is very well socialized and leashed when needed. To promote good hygiene, remember to pick after your furry companions. And more importantly, respect everyone and their space and the restaurant rules to have an amazing and memorable experience with your beloved canine companions.

Additionally, if you're a busy person and struggling to find the time to walk your dog or play with your cat, or even take them to dog-friendly restaurants in Canada, note that our Lifetime Protection Membership comes with a $30 Rover discount so that you can save on pet-sitting and dog-walking services.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about the best dog-friendly restaurants in Canada.

Are animals allowed inside restaurants or on a patio in Canada?

Yes, per the Food Premises Regulation section 25, animals can be allowed into establishments if an EHO clears them and they pose no risk of a health hazard happening on the premises. But in practice, pets have not been allowed into indoor eating areas.

Can a dog sit at the table in a restaurant?

Not particularly, dogs are not allowed to sit at tables in restaurants. However, the rules may differ in different restaurants. Most restaurants allow only service dogs. These establishments provide a good time for pets and their owners. They also have rules and instructions to ensure a pleasant dining experience.

Some of these rules include:

  • Making sure that pets have been exercised before visiting to reduce mess
  • Having an updated vaccination and worming before entering the restaurant
  • Having your dog on a leash whenever in the dining area and not tethering the leash on the table
  • Not allowing untrained and unruly dogs into the establishment.

What restaurants are dog friendly in Canada?

Here is a list of dog-friendly restaurants in Canada.

  • Lido Waterfront Bar & Bistro
  • Graze Food & Drink
  • Vin Room Mission
  • Cantina del Centro
  • Dockside Restaurant & Bar
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We help reunite lost pets

Reuniting over 3,000 lost pets with their families every month. Rest assured if your pet goes missing, we’re here to help.

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