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Adopting The Right Cat For Your Household: Finding That Purrfect Pairing

Before you adopt a kitten or mature cat, here are 5 things to consider to help you choose the right cat for your household.


If you’ve been contemplating furry companionship for yourself, or adding a furry member to your growing family, adopting a kitten or mature cat may be the best decision you ever make. To choose the right cat for your household and lifestyle, here are five things to consider:


Do you work away from home, and spend your evenings dashing between plans? Or are you a homebody, mostly snuggled up indoors? Cats have varying needs of social interaction, so it is important to choose a cat whose needs match the attention your household will be able to provide.

Your household’s personality

Do you have young, boisterous children in your home? Or, is it a more quiet and tranquil environment? Choosing the right cat – both in terms of age and temperament – will depend on the personality of your household.

The cat’s personality

Shelter workers have often familiarized themselves with the cats in their care, so they can give you information about the cat’s temperament. This can help you determine whether the cat you have your eye on will be the right fit for your unique circumstances.

Other pets in the home

Cats can get along with other cats and other dogs in the household. But you need to be ready and willing to dedicate time and patience to integrating your new cat with your other pets.

Look beyond looks

It’s easy to be tempted by the kitten with the widest eyes, and cutest face, but make an effort to look beyond cuteness. Consider the factors outlined above. The right “fit” between your new cat and your household, is far more important than looks.

Following these steps will help you choose the right cat, and integrate your furry family member into their new, purrmanent home.

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