whiskerDocs to the rescue!

The 24/7 helpline for all your pet questions.


Whether you’re a new pet owner, or have had a pet your whole life, we all come across a situation that we`re just not sure about. Look no further! whiskerDocs is available to answer all your pet questions.

Did you know that the 24PetWatch® Lifetime Protection MembershipTM includes a 1-year complimentary subscription to whiskerDocs? You can call, email or live chat with whiskerDocs’ very own veterinary professionals and rest easy knowing that an expert is standing by.

whiskerDocs has the answers:

  • Answers for every developmental stage of your pet
  • Avoid unnecessary trips to ER - Save $$$
  • Training and socialization tips like how to introduce a new pet to your existing pets in your home
  • Breed specific information such as food, diet, and exercise
  • Access to an expanded online library of resources and articles


But, don’t just take it from us, here’s what people have to say about how whiskerDocs helped them:


“My dog ate chocolate and I wasn’t sure if I should take him to Emergency Care. Instead, I called whiskerDocs and they asked me a number of questions and determined that he didn’t ingest very much which ended up saving me $250 for an Emergency Care visit.”

“My cat was having problems urinating, so I called whiskerDocs as I wanted to avoid an Emergency Care visit. WhiskerDocs encouraged me to take my cat to Emergency Care which was a good thing because my cat was diagnosed with a blockage. Had we not taken our cat to Emergency Care, she wouldn’t have made it through the night.”

“My dog ate a bottle of Visine so I was about to take her to Emergency Care. WhiskerDocs educated me that Visine is not harmful to pets as it’s just a saline solution so I saved $250 on a visit to Emergency Care.”



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WhiskerDocs is a wonderful resource for your pet family, and is available with the 24PetWatch® Lifetime Protection Membership, including access to an expanded online library of resources and articles.


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