What Animal Shelters Really Want You To Donate During the Holidays

Shelters appreciate any donation, physical or monetary to care for their animals during the busy holiday season.

You’ve already received the best gift anyone can ask for, a precious pet to love! Now, give back to the people and places that dedicate themselves to looking after our furry-friends when they’re between homes. Any form of donation, whether it’s a physical donation or monetary, is always appreciated, however there are a couple of things that are sure to be on every shelters holiday wishlist:

Physical Donations

Gift Cards


Lending a helping hand to shelters is a great way to spread the holiday cheer, and sometimes it’s not the things we give, it’s the time! Most shelters can certainly always use volunteer help with basic things like cleaning, laundry, administrative tasks, helping at special events and/or fostering animals. The best thing to do is check your local shelter’s website for information on both things or give them a call to learn about how you can help your local shelter feel a little more jolly this time of year.