Swim Safety for dogs

There is nothing quite like the look of joy a dog has while jumping into cool water on a warm day, but did you know that not all dogs are natural swimmers?


Here are a few things to consider when swimming with your pup:

Never let your dog swim unattended. If you have a pool, use a cover or a fence to keep your pet at a distance when it isn’t swim time.

Check the water temperature before your pet dives in. Like humans, not all dogs are able to handle super cold water.

Make sure the water is shallow and that they can easily make it back to dry land like stairs, a ramp or a sandy incline that isn’t too steep.

Keep fresh drinking water handy. Drinking pool, lake or ocean water can make your pet sick.

Thoroughly rinse your dog after swimming. Salt water, chlorine, and lake algae are best removed from your dog’s coat as soon as possible.

Know your limits! Start with shorter periods in the water so you can judge when your dog is getting tired.

Some pets do well with a pet life jacket when easing into the swimming experience. Make sure it fits them comfortably and they still have full mobility.

Whether you have a swim-loving dog or one that is just testing the waters, safety is key – but don’t forget to have some fun too!

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