Practical and Stylish: Cold Weather Wear For Pets

Protect your pet against the harsh conditions of winter

It’s official: winter is here. There’s a nip in the air, the sidewalks are covered in salt, and we’re bundling up for those cold walks outside. But, is your pet appropriately suited for the elements as the temperature drops? Clothing for your furry family members isn’t just about style. For many breeds – especially those with light coats – clothing becomes both practical and necessary in the winter months.

While shopping for your pet can be as fun as shopping for yourself, it’s important to look beyond the cuteness factor (though, we agree, some of those styles are adorable!). Look for items designed to protect your pet from the harsh conditions of winter weather.

The great news: there are plenty of options that deliver both practicality and fashion. So, you can find winter gear for your pet that will serve them just as well for a cold walk outside as it does for holiday get-togethers. Here are some clothing categories to consider for your pet so that they can enjoy a fun, fashionable, and warm wintertime.


Who doesn’t love a pet in a classic winter sweater? Choose from thick cable-knit to lighter-weight cotton; solid-colored to patterned; embellished to simple. Depending on your pet’s need for warmth, and their personality, there’s a stylish and functional option that will suit their needs and have them rocking the cat – or dog - walk! When choosing a sweater, keep your pet’s skin sensitivities in mind, and choose an appropriate fabric. Just like for some humans, wool can be itchy for pets!

Coats & Jackets

Coats are a great way to keep your pet warm this winter while they are strutting their stuff around the neighborhood. For some short-haired breeds – like a greyhound – a winter coat is a necessity. For others, a coat is a great way to keep them drier and cleaner in those slushy winter months. Visit your local pet store for a variety of options, from heavier to lighter weight. Also consider ones with a reflective stripe to keep your pet safe on darker evening walks.

Winter Booties

Salt can save us humans from slipping on icy sidewalks, but it can be really damaging to our pet’s paws. If your pet will tolerate them, booties can be a great way to prevent frostbite and damage to their paw pads. Note: If your pet won’t wear booties, there are balms you can apply directly to their paw pads.

Scarves & Accessories

For some pets, full outerwear isn’t their style. Scarves and other accessories can be an adorable, fun way to celebrate the season (festive neck-scarf anyone?). For a finicky feline less interested in cable-knit, a bow-tie or collar embellishment could be the purr-fect way to add a little style to their every day look.

Before You Buy: Check the Measurements

Anything you put on your pet should fit snugly, but not too tight. Bring them to the store when making purchases so that you can check their measurements and speak with store staff about the best fit. If your pet seems uncomfortable in the clothing, don’t force it. You want them to be able to move freely and comfortably, whatever the weather conditions!