Meet 24Petwatch Veterinary Advisor, Dr. Jennifer Sperry, DVM

At 24Petwatch, we pride ourselves on giving you accurate, relevant information. So, we wanted to introduce you to a vital team member, Dr. Jennifer Sperry, DVM, our Veterinary Advisor. Like everyone at 24Petwatch, she’s committed to making a better world for pets and those who love them.

Dr. Sperry is a graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College. For 12 years, she practiced general and emergency small animal medicine. Throughout her time, checkups, consultations, medicine, surgery, emergencies, and client counselling have kept her busy and inspired. Here’s her story.

Growing up in her household, dogs and cats weren’t allowed due to allergies in the family. Fortunately, she had smaller pets, including her guinea pig, Shadow and a goldfish named Wonderful, which would spark a lifelong curiosity and intrigue in animal welfare.

Ultimately, her innate love of animals led her to dedicate her life to becoming a veterinarian. She jokes that her dedication may have also been bolstered by rebellion for not getting a dog as a child. But it’s been an incredible journey, which she does not regret. As a veterinarian, Dr. Sperry is proud to provide comfort, care, and happiness to pet parents and their companions. Earning the love and trust of any animal is a special feeling.

Being a trusted advisor for pet parents has many layers. It can mean guiding them with wellness advice or behavior tips. Other times, it involves solving complex medical puzzles or being a beacon of light for parents with senior pets.

Besides being a veterinarian, Dr. Sperry has had numerous pets, such as senior dogs Pippy and Sprite. This winter, she welcomed an exuberant speed noodle, a whippet named Mr. Smithers, to her family. For her, being a pet parent is a fantastic feeling. She treasures spending days with creatures that live exclusively in the moment, experience pure joy, and love unconditionally.

During Dr. Sperry’s leisure time, you can find her travelling, hiking, and tending to her garden. But her favourite activity is spending valuable time with her family, her husband, two boys and, of course, Mr. Smithers. You’ll often catch them in Northern Ontario in their cabin, enjoying campfires and time on the lake.