Make a Play Date with your Pet this Valentine’s Day

Try this 5 Minute DIY Flirt Pole Toy.

One of the most amazing ways to engage with your pet is through play. It can help build your relationship, as well as exercise both mind and body as part of an overall pet wellness plan. Flirt poles tap into natural prey drive in a healthy fashion that you can both enjoy!

What You'll Need

What you'll need

You can find almost all the items at a hardware store, many of which are pet friendly, so you and your dog can even shop together.

How to Build

What you'll need

  1. Trim your pipe carefully using a utility knife. Find a length that is comfortable for you, depending on your height and the size of your pet. We made ours about 2.5 feet long, but if you’re building this for a cat or smaller dog, you may want it a bit shorter.

Step 2 Image

  1. Run the paracord through the pipe.

Step 3 Image

  1. Pull the paracord out the other end and tie it securely to the toy. Pull out the amount of cord length that feels comfortable. We left about 2 feet of cord between the end of the pipe and the toy. (When in doubt, leave a little extra. You can always cut it later.)

Step 4 Image

  1. Once you’re satisfied with the length, trim the paracord at the end of the pipe without the toy. Thread on the washer.

Step 5 Image

  1. Tie a large knot. The washer will keep the cord from sliding through the pipe.

Step 6 Image

  1. Start playing!

TIP: Move the toy away from your pet, not toward them, to help initiate play. The idea is to get them chasing and jumping at it, which exercises their hind end.

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