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Keep Fido fit for winter

Beat the cold with these fun fitness ideas.

Winter walks giving you cold feet? Try these tips to keep you and your pup fit!

It’s cold, it’s dark and it’s dreary—welcome to winter! If you and your dog want to keep up your exercise routine without having to face the frost, here are a bunch of great ideas to get you going. Be sure to switch it up and try something new until you find what works!


Exercise tips:
  • Set up an indoor treasure hunt by hiding treats and toys around the house.
  • Make a play date for your dog so they can run around with their furry friends.
  • Doggie daycare is a great place to drop your pet off for a few hours of exercise.
  • Hire a local dog walker.
  • Shine a laser pointer around the house to get your dog on the move.
  • Doggie dancing is a great way for you both to get exercise and groove to your favorite tunes.
  • Or just go with the flow and get out there to frolic in the snow, hike, go sledding, have snowball fights, and more…



Just like us, dogs are affected by colder temperatures. Remember to:
  • Always wipe salt off paws when you come in from the cold.
  • Trim fur between your dog’s toes to reduce snow and ice buildup.
  • Invest in doggie booties if your pup doesn’t like the cold under their feet.
  • Wipe down your dog’s legs and belly when you come in.
  • Keep your pet’s paws well moisturized.
  • Dress small, short-haired or elderly dogs in a sweater or waterproof coat to keep them warm and dry.


Be sure to stay safe—and have fun:
  • Add reflective tape or LED lights to your pet’s clothes or collar.
  • Keep walks short when it’s very cold out.
  • Stick to sidewalks and safe trails.
  • Use an extra-long leash to let your pet run around in bigger spaces.
  • If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your dog—especially if they’re still a puppy or if they’re elderly.


Still have questions about exercising your dog in the cold? Be sure to speak to your veterinarian.



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