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How to Keep Your Pets Tick and Flea Free This Spring

Here are some tips to keep your pets free of these pesky parasites as we change seasons.


Keep reading to learn about prevention tips – your pets will thank you!

Rising temperatures will have us heading outdoors with our furry friends in tow. Longer walks, exploring the backyard, and chasing balls through the grass will have our pets pawing at the back door…and make them a perfect target for ticks and fleas. Here are some tips to keep your pets free of these pesky parasites as we change seasons.

Inside the house

Fleas and ticks will set up home wherever they can access your pet. This could include the living room carpet, along baseboards and under sofas. But, you can get rid of flea eggs and larvae by vacuuming at least once a week. Also, wash your pet’s bedding and blankets often in hot water.

Outside the home

The natural habitat for fleas and ticks is, of course, the outdoors. This is also where our furry friends love to wander, explore, and get their energy out.

Make your yard undesirable to fleas and ticks by keeping your grass cut short and your shrubs trimmed back, and remove any leaf litter, as ticks love moist areas. Also, discourage flea carrying feral animals – such as raccoons – from coming into your yard. Keep garbage bins, bowls of pet food, and other temptations out of the yard.

Avoid walks in heavily wooded areas. If these areas are unavoidable or a particular favourite spot for your furry friend, be sure to check them carefully for ticks when you come in from your walk.

Even with all of these preventative tips, be sure to check your pet daily for ticks during tick season. If you have a long-haired breed, you may want to consider giving them a shorter ‘do during tick season, to make any unwanted visitors easier to spot. If you suspect fleas or find a tick on your dog, be sure to consult your veterinarian about treatment.

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