Best pet friendly restaurants in USA

By Sam Adebayo

Before the mid-2000s, pets were not allowed into restaurants for various reasons. Luckily, since the US government approved it at a local level, there has been an increase in pet-friendly restaurants. These restaurants serve as safe spaces for you and your pet to come to eat and just have a nice day out alone or with company.

That's why in this article, we’ll discuss the top pet-friendly restaurants, dog-friendly cafes, and dog bars near you. So, whether you are looking for something local in your state or wanting to take a road trip with your dog, read on.

Top pet-friendly restaurants in the United States

Due to the number of dogs as pets, most of our selections happen to be primarily advertised for dogs. But fear not because as long as your pet is well-behaved, updated on all their shots and vaccines, and not disruptive or aggressive, they will be allowed to dine with you. So, here are our top pet-friendly restaurants in the United States.

Shake Shack, New York, New York

First on the list is a restaurant famous for its shakes, which have been ranked as some of the best shakes in the industry. Starting as a hotdog stand in Madison Square Garden, the fast-food chain quickly grew and now operates in over 400 locations worldwide.

Its menu comprises its famous ShackBurgers, fries, hot dogs, frozen custards, and beer and wine. Each location customizes their beverage menu to reflect the location they are in. The Shake shack is so pet friendly that they feature a special dog-centered menu with goodies including pooch-ini, a pup-friendly vanilla custard, a bag O' Bones, and a doggie bag of 5 outsider tart red velvet dog biscuits. Pets are allowed only in their outside areas.

Olive Garden, Orlando, Florida

Next on the list of dog-friendly restaurants is the Italian-inspired franchise known for giving out unlimited breadsticks and soups. Taking their slogan of “When You’re Here, You’re Family” seriously, the franchise extends this regard to the non-human members of the family.

You can have a wonderful family dinner out on the patio with your well-behaved pet, and although the restaurant lacks a specialized dog menu, you can give your fur baby food off your plate; after all, what family doesn’t eat off of each other's plates? Be sure to call your local Olive Garden to be sure they allow pets on their premises, as this policy varies with location.

Baked & Wired, Georgetown, Washington

Located in Washington D.C, Baked & Wired is a neighborhood bakery and coffee house that serves quality artisanal goods like moist brownies, unique cupcakes, freshly baked bread, unsweetened iced tea, espressos, and non-espresso.

A literal mom-pop shop, Baked & Wired was opened in 2001 by Teresa Velazquez with her husband Tony, and they are so dog friendly that they have several specialty dog treats called Zillabonez in flavors like peanut butter crunch and bacon & cheese along with dog-friendly outdoor benches. Orders are placed indoors, so you must leave your pup outside while you order. Remember, while you leave your pet outside, it's an excellent idea to have a physical pet tag with your pet’s unique microchip # and your contact details, such as our Lifetime Warranty ID tags.

Lost Dog Cafe, Arlington, Virginia

Began in 1985 as a modest beer, cheese, and wine shop, the Lost Dog Cafe has grown to be a Virginia staple with a menu that includes salads, chili, chicken corn chowder, spinach lasagna, over 50 types of sandwiches, gourmet specialty pizza, craft beer and more.

With several outlets spread through south and north Virginia, this spot is well known locally for its dedication to rescuing homeless dogs and cats and uniting them in their forever home going as far as to start a foundation, the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation, in 2001 and having a portion of their profits go into it.

Tin Shed Garden Café, Portland, Oregon

The Tin Shed Garden Cafe is an off-the-wall cafe with an actual tin shed patio in the front for you and your pup to sit and have a meal. The owners are dedicated to serving delicious, organic, and ethically sourced meals, choosing to buy local when possible. They offer takeout and allow reservations to be made, and their menu comprises an adult and kids section, with two options for your dog.

You can start with Fido Food which consists of chicken thighs and sweet potato, and round off with the Doggie Dessert, a blended mix of peanut butter, bananas, and cooled yogurt topped with a crunchy treat. Every Tuesday night is Doggie Love Night, where a free doggy item is given with the purchase of a regular human item.

Pacific Catch, San Francisco, California

This restaurant is a fish house with branches spread throughout California; with its primary spot at the edge of the Golden Gate Park, Pacific Catch is steadfast in reducing its green footprint on the environment. It uses only ethically farmed fish fresh from the water and incorporates the latest green technology and techniques into its building.

The menu is diverse and constantly modified as the chef strives to pioneer new takes on burgers, tacos, sushi, and bowls; some beef choices are mixed in for meat lovers. There's a vast patio for you and your pet to relax on as you enjoy your reasonably priced meal.

Lazy Dog Restaurants & Bar, Huntington Beach, California

Lazy Dog Restaurants and Bar is a casual dining restaurant operating over 40 restaurants in 8 states (focused around the West Coast). Founded in 2003 by Chris Simmions and his father, Tom, Chris wanted to make the restaurant kid-friendly and incorporated images and drawings of dogs in the decorations.

It has a varied menu with stuff like pizza, small plates, loaded fries, Kung Pao chicken, and dessert that continues to draw in customers. Pups are allowed on the patio and given a water bowl and can choose from their menus if they want a chicken and vegetables or a grilled burger patty with brown rice. However, the policy states that your dog has to remain leashed and can't eat off of your plate. So, pack the essentials such as water, snacks, a leash, and a collar with up-to-date tags for your pet's safety. It’s also wise to have a physical pet tag with your pet’s unique microchip # and contact details, such as our Lifetime Warranty ID tag.

The Original Crab Shack, Savannah, Georgia

With a reputation for having extremely friendly staff that greet your pets and give them water bowls from the jump, The Original Crab Shack has an outdoor seating deck that offers a view of Chimney Creek and allows your dog to relax near you; they also allow resident cats to wander around as they do not disturb diners.

The Shack has a seafood-forward menu and choices from the shore, like beef brisket or a BBQ pork platter, plus dessert. Bought by Jack and Belinda Flaningan in 1938 after they saw a for-sale ad for a fishing camp, the shack has a long-running history of serving and growing with the community. Starting from its origin as a fishing camp, it evolved into the well-loved establishment it is today through the community's support.

Casa de Freds, San Diego, California

Located in the historic Old Town, next to the Whaley House Museum, is Casa de Freds Taco y Tequila, a sidewalk cafe known for giving excellent service to go with the delicious food served. Their outdoor patio is dog-friendly, and they have a $5 dog menu with food so good it’ll have you drooling.

Meals like Buddy Bowl, Cujo's Carne, and Baxter's Burger will leave your pup filled while you fill up on their delicious offerings of tacos, quesadillas, fajitas, enchiladas, salads, or burritos. Don’t forget that you can wash it all down with some margaritas.

Wonder Bar, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Finally, on our list comes the Wonder Bar. Its proximity to the doggy beach and Boardwalk makes it a prioritized stop during your day. Known for its diverse collection of live performances and its world-famous ‘Yappy Hour,’ where your dogs are allowed free range of the bar and get to socialize and play in the doggy pools and sandy beaches.

Wonder Bar is a fun bar where you can kick back with friends while your pup gets to play. Dogs must have current rabies tags or dog licenses and be neutered, while their collars cannot have prongs, spikes, or a choke-point. Always make it a point never to leave your pet unattended during your visit, ensuring their safety and well-being. A good alternative is to always have them microchipped.


With an increase in internet searches for queries like ‘pet-friendly restaurants near me and ‘dog-friendly cafe,’ we hope this article was able to help you locate some new restaurants for you and your pet to stop by. With the increase in the number of pet owners in America, it's safe to say that there will be an increase in the number of pet-friendly restaurants in the US.

If you're a busy person and struggling to find the time to walk your dog or play with your cat, or even take them to dog-friendly restaurants in the US, note that our Lifetime Protection Membership comes with a $30 Rover discount so that you can save on pet-sitting and dog-walking services.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about dog-friendly restaurants in the US.

Are dogs allowed in restaurants in the US?

In the US, the rules regarding whether dogs are allowed in restaurants vary depending on the state. Some restaurants allow dogs in their outdoor seating areas, but the rules vary significantly depending on local regulations.

What’s the most dog-friendly place in the US

Several cities can claim to be the most dog-friendly place in the US, and they are:

  1. Portland, Oregon
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. San Diego, California
  4. Seattle, Washington
  5. Charleston, South Carolina.

What can dogs legally do now in US restaurants?

The laws governing dogs at restaurants in the US might differ from one state to another, as well as within individual cities and counties. However, there has been an increasing trend in some regions to permit dogs in restaurants outside sitting areas, subject to specific restrictions.