A Quick Guide to Microchipping

Having a microchip can be the difference between lost and found.


It’s the moment that you never expected to happen, and the feeling you never wanted to have—your furry companion has disappeared and you have no idea where to even start looking. With only the blink of an eye, one of your most cherished family members is now left wandering the streets, but with your 24PetWatch microchip, our Lost Pet Recovery department is always here for you and your pet.

With 24PetWatch, you have the ability to protect your pet from the unexpected. Utilizing microchip technology, combined with our best-in-class around-the-clock lost pet recovery services, we're proud to say we reunite more than 2,500 pets with their rightful owners every month, and have allowed thousands of families the ability to feel a little more at peace every day.

What is A Microchip?

  • It’s a rice sized, radio-frequency identification device (RFID) implanted just under the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades
  • It’s not a GPS tracking device
  • Each chip has a unique ID number
  • Pet and owner information is registered to the unique ID number
  • Unlike a tag and collar, it cannot be removed or lost

Remember, having a microchip can be the difference between lost and found, but they work like any other form of identification, meaning the information tied to it has to be correct. While implanting your pet is the first step, ensuring all the registered information is accurate plays an incredibly crucial role in reuniting families. All your registration information is only a click away at mypethealth.com, so you can keep your furry family member safe and sound.








What do you get with your 24PetWatch Microchip?

Around-the-clock Lost Pet Recovery Services

Ability to report your pet as missing online

Online account at mypethealth.com to update contact information, add services and more

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