Dog Insurance

More than one in three pets will need emergency veterinary treatment every year. Two out of every three pets will experience a significant health problem during their lifetime. Costs associated with your pet's health can quickly spiral into thousands of dollars - are you financially prepared for your pet's future healthcare costs?

Rapid advances in medical treatment for pets mean they can receive extraordinary care, but it comes at a cost. 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs offer you the flexibility to ensure your dog has the care they need.

Pet Insurance is the safety net that you and your pet deserve. 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs help ensure that no matter the illness or accident, you are financially prepared for the medical attention your pet needs. Designed with you in mind, our flexible insurance lets you choose the coverage limit that best suits your pet and your wallet.

Top Claims of 2013 - Dogs

  1. Fracture - $8,912.40
  2. Cancer - $16,004.31
  3. Foreign Body Ingestion - $7,755.52
  4. Pancreatitis - $6,218.50
  5. Cruciate Tear - $8,304.61
  6. Heart Condition - $5,163.28
  7. Hereditary Condition - $6,905.91
  8. Congenital Condition - $4,349.12

2013 claims are pulled from our database as of November 20th. Treatment costs may vary by region.

24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs for Dogs

Enrollment Age: 8 weeks - 10 years.

Medical Conditions cannot be noted, symptomatic or pre-existing prior to enrollment. Please refer to policy terms and conditions for full details. 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs are underwritten by Praetorian Insurance Company through PTZ Insurance Agency, Ltd., licensed in DC & all states.