Pets, like people, can experience any number of ongoing medical conditions that require special treatment. This may include diagnosed medical condition(s), prescribed medications, allergies and behavioral issues. 24PetMedAlert® is there to be the voice for your pet when you're not able to.

Here’s how it works

  • 24PetMedAlert® is exclusive to microchipped pets registered with 24PetWatch®
  • Fill out the 24PetMedAlert® form with your pet’s critical medical information and it will be added to your 24PetWatch® microchip account
  • If your pet is found and reported to our 24PetWatch® Lost Pet Recovery department, your pet’s microchip account will be flagged with a 24PetMedAlert®
  • If you are unable to be contacted, 24PetWatch® will provide your pet’s medical information to Veterinary care personnel, animal shelters, rescues and/or advise your pet’s finder to take your pet to a Veterinarian.
  • One year of service may be purchased for $24.95 plus applicable tax

Call 1-866-597-2424 to purchase the 24PetMedAlert® service for your pet today, or for more information.