About Lost Pet Recovery

Lost Pet Recovery FAQs

How does DirectConnect work?

When we receive a call about your pet being found, we record the finder's details and then place them on hold while we try to reach you using your home, cell and work telephone numbers. Once you're on the phone, we will connect you with the finder, with your permission. For extra safety, we remain on the three-way to help reunite you with your pet.

With DirectConnect you can get your pet back home faster and safer.

What if I'm not available when you make a call?

If we can't reach you, we will leave you a voicemail and contact your emergency contact or current vet clinic to verify your details are up to date. We will then ask your pet's finder to keep them safe. If they cannot, we will ask them to take it to a vet, a shelter or a humane society. There, your pet's microchip will be scanned again and staff will contact us to confirm the pet is now with them.

If my pet is found by an individual how will they know to call 24PetWatch?

All pets registered with a 24PetWatch microchip are provided with a plastic collar tag that features your pet's unique microchip number and 24PetWatch's Lost Pet Recovery Service toll free number (1-866-597-2424). If your pet is not wearing their tag, or if the tag is broken, scratched or weathered, the finder should contact a vet or humane society to get your pet's microchip scanned so we can contact you immediately.

What happens if my pet is taken to a veterinary practice or rescue centre?

Animals that are brought to a vet clinic, shelter, rescue or humane society are routinely scanned for a microchip. If your pet is microchipped, the staff will know to contact 24PetWatch. We then call you to let you know your pet has been found and help reunite you.

Where can I get my pet microchipped?

Your local shelter or vet can microchip your pet. Ask for a 24PetWatch Microchip ID microchip by name. In the event that they use a different brand of microchip, you should still register your pet's microchip with 24PetWatch Microchip ID - the only full service lost pet recovery network that provides free registration for all brands of microchips in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

My dog always wears a collar and tags why do I need to microchip it?

Collars and tags can be removed or get lost and tattooing can become illegible over time. Microchips are the only truly permanent method of identifying your dog.

I have a cat - should I microchip it?

Cats are naturally curious and unpredictable. If your cat strays from the safety of your home, a microchip registered with 24PetWatch is your cat's best chance of a fast return.

Does microchipping hurt the animal?

Animal microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are typically implanted just beneath the skin's surface between the shoulder blades. The process is similar to receiving vaccination through a needle and is painless to pets. Most animals don't even react when the microchip is implanted. Once implanted, the microchip remains in place for the rest of the animal's lifetime as a permanent form of identification.